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"Black Bear And Whitetail Hunting In Manitoba"
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Black Bear
The hunt starts on a Sunday and runs until Friday,
with Sunday being arrival and departure on Saturday.
Success rates average from 90-100% each year giving
all hunters a great opportunity to harvest a bear. Colours
range from solid black to blonde, cinnamon, chocolate,
or any combination of the four.

Some seasons find us harvesting 50-65 % off-coloured
bears, depending on which baits are being hunted.
Accommodations consist of rented cabins/hotel rooms
Transportation and access to stand locations is
provided by any combination of ATV's, Side by Side's
or Truck. Depending on your stand location you may only .....
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Now booking for 2018 deer hunts. Prices are
on a 7 day hunt, with an additional 3 days available for an
additional cost if wanting to prolong your hunt. 5 day hunt
also available. Email or call for details on the dates.

Nothing is more exciting than getting that big buck! We
can put all the chips in your favour to accomplishing this

You want your experience to be an outstanding
experience, and that involves a variety of factors
from your accommodations, good planning, equipment
and a variety of other factors. Give us a call to discuss
what you could expect when you do a white tailed deer
hunting trip with us.

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About Outland
Outland Outfitting is owned and operated by Brenna
Sigfusson and is guiding hands on with all the locations.
She is assisted by a few experienced hard working
and knowledgeable licensed guides any outfitting
business could ask for as they also Spend plenty of their
time in the bush through hunting, trapping and guiding,
combined with pre-season scouting, which assures hunters
only the best stand locations and hunting areas with the
most recent activity

We are out one month prior to the start of the black
bear hunt baiting and using trail cams to identify what
bears are in the area, and keep checking them every
time we bait so quality bears are what you will always be
hunting. At Outland Outfitting, we put a lot of time into ...

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There are two basic models of scuba flippers

One of the most excellent ways to enjoy travel to exotic locations around the world is to be adept at scuba diving. Many folks are discouraged by all the equipment that is needed in order to participate in this sport. Some of the primary items that is required of everyone include flippers and a mask. Beginners often have a tough time deciding among all the different styles and brands on the market these days. You will find that your choices boil down to the two basic models on the market, full foot and open heel. The smaller full foot fins are ordinarily put on barefoot and work most effectively for snorkeling. Boots need to be worn with the bigger and stiffer open heel flippers that are the ideal pick for scuba diving. Newcomers to the sport ought to think about purchasing basic paddle fins which are less expensive than lots of the other options. You can get many models of split fins which are usually used by swimmers who like to travel long distances with less effort.

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Fun in your backyard pool

Fiberglass pools

In-ground swimming pools will produce fun for the whole family, and among the options are vinyl, concrete or fiberglass models. The lining of vinyl pools will wear out and need to be swapped out every 5 to 7 years, while cement pools will eventually develop cracks that need patching and resurfacing. There is an amount of bend in fiberglass that prevents it from cracking when there are shifts in the ground from changes in climate, temblors, or the impact of aggressive tree roots. One important drawback with using fiberglass is the greater up-front installation expenses, but with fewer up-keep requirements it will be less expensive over the long haul. Bacteria development is not a problem with fiberglass since it's non-porous surface doesn't allow algae or mold to start up, as opposed to concrete which requires to be cleaned with heavy chemicals. The fiberglass pool shells are pre-fabricated and could be installed in a matter of days instead of the week or so required for vinyl or concrete pools.

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Winter swimming pool covers

Maintaining your swimming pool during the winter months will probably require some kind of cover. Winter can be rough on a pool with a lot of twigs, dirt, rocks, leaves, food wrappers and plastic bags being blown into it. Safety is the main issue and pool covers strengthened to protect against heavy objects falling on them are strongly recommended for households with children, . Solar bubble pool coverings aren't the strongest but they will keep the water warm and the junk out. Winter pool coverings come in two general types: mesh covers, which allow snow and rain to drip into your pool, and solid coverings, which won't let anything into the pool. If you choose to get the solid pool cover you ought to keep some kind of pump handy to prevent a heavy pooling of water on top. Be sure you follow the instruction manual or the warranty may be voided, and always check on local laws concerning swimming pool maintenance.

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Advice on swimming pools

A fiberglass inground pool will provide a better experience than one made of concrete

The evolution of fiberglass swimming pools has almost rendered the old traditional vinyl or concrete in-ground swimming pools obsolete, as fiberglass pools are easier to install, friendlier on the environment, and more cost-effective. The surface of concrete can feel like sandpaper, but the surface is so smooth with fiberglass pools that it feels like glass, only much more long-lasting and durable than vinyl or concrete. Fiberglass pools provide smooth surfaces that are easy on tender skin, while the uneven surfaces of concrete often leave cuts and scrapes and can readily catch and rip bathing suits. There are health hazards associated with concrete pools because of the large amount of bacteria, algae, and microorganisms that collect in the divots and grooves found in concrete. A fiberglass pool is non-porous and chemically inert, so you don't have to regularly clean it, or douse it with acid washes as you need to do with concrete. The popular image of concrete is one of strength, but it's a fact that fiberglass is far stronger than traditional concrete, which is subject to cracks when the ground around it contracts or swells according to the weather. Don't consider the initial expense of a fiberglass pool in comparison to a concrete pool and conclude that concrete is less expensive, since the extra cost of fiberglass is made up for in savings on maintenance and cleaning. The benefits of having a fiberglass pool far outweigh the extra cost of the initial purchase, as fiberglass is overall better for your pocketbook, your body, and the environment.

Solar pool heaters

Receive the most enjoyment out of your home swimming pool by installing a solar pool heater, and you can save cash over other heating systems. By using the the sun's natural energy, a solar pool heater pumps water out of the pool into a filter and then up to the solar panels on the roof where the water is heated and then pumped back into the swimming pool. To have a blast in your swimming pool during the colder months you have to be sure the solar collector is big enough to handle the lower temperature, anywhere from 50% to 100% the size of the surface of the pool. Prior to installation you must make the crucial choice of where to place the solar panels to get the most exposure to the sun as possible, and then it is also essential to set the pump timer to come on during the day for top efficiency. Because pools lose a tremendous amount of heat it is prudent to use a pool cover to reduce evaporation, and help keep dirt or debris from getting into the pool. You can lay out as low as $2,000 and as much as $10,000 on a solar heating system, but average expenses run in the $3-4,000 range, comparable to old fashioned propane heaters or heat pumps, but without the on-going operating costs of traditional pool heaters. Solar pool heaters only have one moving part, the diverter valve which guides the water up into the solar accumulators on the roof, and so has fewer maintenance expenses than traditional pool heaters. Since solar pool heaters employ clean sunlight for energy, you will not be emitting pollutants as you might with a propane heaters.

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  • The hunt starts on a Sunday and runs until Friday, with Sunday being arrival and departure on Saturday. Success rates are 90 – 100%...
  • Outland Outfitting is owned and operated by Brenna Sigfusson and is guiding hands on with all the locations...
  • Now booking for 2018 and 2019 deer hunts. Prices are on a 7 day hunt, with an additional 3 days available for an additonal cost if wanting to prolong your hunt...
  • Now booking for 2018 and 2019. Get your trip booked asap while slots are available!

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