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"Black Bear And Whitetail Hunting In Manitoba"
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Black Bear
The hunt starts on a Sunday and runs until Friday,
with Sunday being arrival and departure on Saturday.
Success rates average from 90-100% each year giving
all hunters a great opportunity to harvest a bear. Colours
range from solid black to blonde, cinnamon, chocolate,
or any combination of the four.

Some seasons find us harvesting 50-65 % off-coloured
bears, depending on which baits are being hunted.
Accommodations consist of rented cabins/hotel rooms
Transportation and access to stand locations is
provided by any combination of ATV's, Side by Side's
or Truck. Depending on your stand location you may only .....
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Now booking for 2018 deer hunts. Prices are
on a 7 day hunt, with an additional 3 days available for an
additional cost if wanting to prolong your hunt. 5 day hunt
also available. Email or call for details on the dates.

Nothing is more exciting than getting that big buck! We
can put all the chips in your favour to accomplishing this

You want your experience to be an outstanding
experience, and that involves a variety of factors
from your accommodations, good planning, equipment
and a variety of other factors. Give us a call to discuss
what you could expect when you do a white tailed deer
hunting trip with us.

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About Outland
Outland Outfitting is owned and operated by Brenna
Sigfusson and is guiding hands on with all the locations.
She is assisted by a few experienced hard working
and knowledgeable licensed guides any outfitting
business could ask for as they also Spend plenty of their
time in the bush through hunting, trapping and guiding,
combined with pre-season scouting, which assures hunters
only the best stand locations and hunting areas with the
most recent activity

We are out one month prior to the start of the black
bear hunt baiting and using trail cams to identify what
bears are in the area, and keep checking them every
time we bait so quality bears are what you will always be
hunting. At Outland Outfitting, we put a lot of time into ...

Resources We Recommend

New Zealand: Unique Adventures

New Zealand has some of the most unique vacation experiences that can be found anywhere. Nature has been extremely generous to this island country. Time may be the only factor that prevents you from taking in all the sights and activities available. You can spend months in New Zealand and never do the same thing twice so researching and planning out your trip is of paramount importance if you want to get everything possible out of the time that you are able to spend in this wonderful country.

Vacationing in New Zealand usually requires that you travel a great distance from home so you will have to make sure that you do the things that you most want to do. New Zealand boasts pristine nature; unspoiled volcanoes and glaciers; wild coastline; unique wildlife; majestic mountains; and much, much more.

Incredibly Special Activities

One incredible activity offered in New Zealand is cave tubing through the spectacular Ruakuri Caves. It starts innocently enough, an inflated inner tube serving as a flotation device. As you ride roaring rapids, get swept through impossibly tight crevices, and plunge down waterfalls; while a massive number of glowworms produce the eerie light that bathes the caves limestone walls; the adrenaline pumps through your body. The same trip can be made in inflatable rafts. Both types of cave rafting is know as black water rafting and is unique to New Zealand.

Those that secretly yearn to be a racecar driver can live out their fantasy. New Zealands Kiwi Car Rally, an extremely popular racing event, is designed to allow beginners to get licensed and compete in this adventure. In order to compete you must get trained and licensed but, once you are, you get to participate in the Rally. Adventure companies supply everything you need to compete, except the navigator. For the cost of your fee, you get to participate in a one, two or seven day road rally; a weeks training; all safety gear; race jackets; accommodations; meals and gas, as well as the use of a professional competition-ready racecar which you can sponsor if you want.

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What else to do

If you are visiting New Zealand for less than a month, you may be better off to concentrate on exploring either North or South Island or a specific region. The best regions to visit are North Islands Ruapehu, Taupo, and Rotorua and South Islands Nelson/Marlborough area, Fiordland, and Otago.

Planning your trip

Many people spend three weeks in New Zealand. Check the official websites of any cities and towns that you are going to visit so that you can plan a trip that is not too busy. You don't want to be exhausted.

You will want to take casual clothing for the most part. If you intend to go hiking, take warm clothing and buy a rain poncho there. If you are going to go camping, you will need to take a sleeping bag that is good for three seasons. All of your camping gear must be clean. Because there will be inspections to ensure that hazards aren't introduced to this isolated country.

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Feed your inner ADRENALINE ADDICTION! Life's too short, BOOK YOUR HUNT TODAY!
  • The hunt starts on a Sunday and runs until Friday, with Sunday being arrival and departure on Saturday. Success rates are 90 – 100%...
  • Outland Outfitting is owned and operated by Brenna Sigfusson and is guiding hands on with all the locations...
  • Now booking for 2018 and 2019 deer hunts. Prices are on a 7 day hunt, with an additional 3 days available for an additonal cost if wanting to prolong your hunt...
  • Now booking for 2018 and 2019. Get your trip booked asap while slots are available!

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