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"Black Bear And Whitetail Hunting In Manitoba"
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Black Bear
The hunt starts on a Sunday and runs until Friday,
with Sunday being arrival and departure on Saturday.
Success rates average from 90-100% each year giving
all hunters a great opportunity to harvest a bear. Colours
range from solid black to blonde, cinnamon, chocolate,
or any combination of the four.

Some seasons find us harvesting 50-65 % off-coloured
bears, depending on which baits are being hunted.
Accommodations consist of rented cabins/hotel rooms
Transportation and access to stand locations is
provided by any combination of ATV's, Side by Side's
or Truck. Depending on your stand location you may only .....
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Now booking for 2018 deer hunts. Prices are
on a 7 day hunt, with an additional 3 days available for an
additional cost if wanting to prolong your hunt. 5 day hunt
also available. Email or call for details on the dates.

Nothing is more exciting than getting that big buck! We
can put all the chips in your favour to accomplishing this

You want your experience to be an outstanding
experience, and that involves a variety of factors
from your accommodations, good planning, equipment
and a variety of other factors. Give us a call to discuss
what you could expect when you do a white tailed deer
hunting trip with us.

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About Outland
Outland Outfitting is owned and operated by Brenna
Sigfusson and is guiding hands on with all the locations.
She is assisted by a few experienced hard working
and knowledgeable licensed guides any outfitting
business could ask for as they also Spend plenty of their
time in the bush through hunting, trapping and guiding,
combined with pre-season scouting, which assures hunters
only the best stand locations and hunting areas with the
most recent activity

We are out one month prior to the start of the black
bear hunt baiting and using trail cams to identify what
bears are in the area, and keep checking them every
time we bait so quality bears are what you will always be
hunting. At Outland Outfitting, we put a lot of time into ...

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Tired of sticking out like a sore thumb at my workplace...

Tired of sticking out like a sore thumb at my workplace (a non-sailor running sailing events!) and not knowing the joys that everyone else often talk about, I finally managed to coerce my boyfriend and two other willing victims friends to take a one-day Sailing 101 class.

I booked at the Taal Lake Yacht Club with sailing instructor Boyet, borrowed my boss Roman's Hobie 16, and off we went! My expertise in being a passenger was even more honed. Just kidding!

Sidebar! Attempting to greatly change the design with my own site. Feelings regarding the sweet style of Definitely a staggering Halifax based custom steam PC shop that cares if ever looking in the Nova Scotia area. Make an opinion. Many thanks!

Aboard Team AboitizPower's boat (Thank you Roman!). A Hobie 16 is a 16-foot fiberglass catamaran for racing and day sailing. It fits two to three people on it's sturdy trampoline deck. It has no motorized engine, and does capsize, so life vests/ PFDs are a must.

We broke our group of four into two pairs, going out on the water one pair at a time, with Boyet. We we're blessed with good wind, which my other boss Maria, said was just perfect for beginners.It was a laidback day and a we had a leisurely sail.

We learned stuff like the points of sail, the difference between the main sail and the main sheet (I had previously thought they werethe same! a rope doesn't look like a "sheet" to me you know), how to tack, how to gybe, how to round the buoys, and what to do when the wind dies down on you.We also found out Rico is good at steering the boat, but that we are underweight to form a team. We weren't surprised that I need to workmy pull, because twice when i tried to pull the ropes, it wasn't the sail that moved but me!

So there, our next lessons are scheduled for May 17, if all goes according to plan. I really wish it could've been sooner but it's such a nice bonding activity that I want to share with my busy boyfriend. So I have to wait.

Check out the smile of someone who's been told he's underweight for a sport. ;p The minimum required combined weight of helm and crew for Hobie sailing is 285 lbs. At 160 (him) and 90 lbs (me), we are 35 lbs short!

All the wind in my face, the smiles of my boyfriend, the lack of a motorized engine in the boat, and especially the way our boat travels on the water, leads me conclude that sailing is to water what biking is to land .:-)

That said, I highly recommend sailing to families and friends. Call up TLYCand check if you can go sailing, as obviously it depends on the wind. You can go for lessons, or if you just want to experience it as a passenger, you can, too! Below aresome useful information on lessons.

First thing you should know is how easy it is to go to TLYC,the bestplace to learn how to sail. If you have a car, just drive down SLEX until you hit Star Toll, then at Star Toll, take the Tanauan Exit. From there, drive towards Talisay (right side of the Tanauan-Talisay Road) and keep going straight until you see the TLYC entrance on your left. Easy peasy, and generally no traffic, unlike if you take the Tagaytay Route.

You can also go to TLYC by public transport. Just take a bus bound for Lemery via Tanauan (I take JAM on Kamuning or Buendia), and get off at the Tanauan bus stop. From there, you can either take a trike or walk to the jeepney station. Then take a Talisay jeep and get off at the town. Take another tricycle to TLYC, and you're there!

It's easier than it sounds. One-way fare is about 100 for the bus, 30 for the first trike, 23 for the jeepney, and 40 for the last trike, total of 193! Going back, just take a reverse route.

View of the TLYC lakefront

Second, but equally important as the first thing you should know, are the costs involved. TLYC Commodore Peter Capotosto has a lengthy but useful and clear explanation of the costs here. Don't let the length confuse or intimidate you. Read through, and you'll find out how fair the pricing is.

Basically, for your sailing lessons, you need to rent a boat and hire an instructor. Depending on what boat it is, it could set you back 1,800 or up to 3,800 per day. Then you hire an instructor for 350 to 450 an hour. An instructor can handle up to four students. Ask for Boyet. He's a highly recommended instructor, and he's the one who taught us. He gives the instructions in way that does notoverwhelm newbie minds. If you have complicated questions, though, he's game to answer, too.

Our instructor extraordinaire, Boyet

Like I said, I was lucky I had an opportunity to borrow a boat, saving our group 3,600 on boat rental. Our sailing day lasted 7 hours, so we split the cost of 2,450 between the three amazing gentlemen that are my boyfriend and two friends. It came down to about 800 per person (for the instruction). If we had to rent the boat, it would have been 2,000 per person (costs split into three).

Third would bethe hut rental and the food.Huts arearound 400 and up. I recommend bringing your own food fora picnic. You can also ask Sonya at TLYC to grill fresh tilapia for you.

Bottomline is, to make the most of your sailing lesson, bring along as many friends as you can! Not onlydoes the cost come out cheaper (at least where transportation and picnic costs are concerned), it's also more fun! Just please take note that the ideal class size is three students to an instructor. Four students is okay, too, as that's what we experienced, but if you are five or more, you'll likely be split into two classes/batches.

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Honourable Mentions - You were Terrific! - You are Unbelievable!

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Feed your inner ADRENALINE ADDICTION! Life's too short, BOOK YOUR HUNT TODAY!
  • The hunt starts on a Sunday and runs until Friday, with Sunday being arrival and departure on Saturday. Success rates are 90 – 100%...
  • Outland Outfitting is owned and operated by Brenna Sigfusson and is guiding hands on with all the locations...
  • Now booking for 2018 and 2019 deer hunts. Prices are on a 7 day hunt, with an additional 3 days available for an additonal cost if wanting to prolong your hunt...
  • Now booking for 2018 and 2019. Get your trip booked asap while slots are available!

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