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"Black Bear And Whitetail Hunting In Manitoba"
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Black Bear
The hunt starts on a Sunday and runs until Friday,
with Sunday being arrival and departure on Saturday.
Success rates average from 90-100% each year giving
all hunters a great opportunity to harvest a bear. Colours
range from solid black to blonde, cinnamon, chocolate,
or any combination of the four.

Some seasons find us harvesting 50-65 % off-coloured
bears, depending on which baits are being hunted.
Accommodations consist of rented cabins/hotel rooms
Transportation and access to stand locations is
provided by any combination of ATV's, Side by Side's
or Truck. Depending on your stand location you may only .....
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Now booking for 2018 deer hunts. Prices are
on a 7 day hunt, with an additional 3 days available for an
additional cost if wanting to prolong your hunt. 5 day hunt
also available. Email or call for details on the dates.

Nothing is more exciting than getting that big buck! We
can put all the chips in your favour to accomplishing this

You want your experience to be an outstanding
experience, and that involves a variety of factors
from your accommodations, good planning, equipment
and a variety of other factors. Give us a call to discuss
what you could expect when you do a white tailed deer
hunting trip with us.

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About Outland
Outland Outfitting is owned and operated by Brenna
Sigfusson and is guiding hands on with all the locations.
She is assisted by a few experienced hard working
and knowledgeable licensed guides any outfitting
business could ask for as they also Spend plenty of their
time in the bush through hunting, trapping and guiding,
combined with pre-season scouting, which assures hunters
only the best stand locations and hunting areas with the
most recent activity

We are out one month prior to the start of the black
bear hunt baiting and using trail cams to identify what
bears are in the area, and keep checking them every
time we bait so quality bears are what you will always be
hunting. At Outland Outfitting, we put a lot of time into ...

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Those that are smart shouldn't be reading this sentence right now. The...

Those that are smart shouldn't be reading this sentence right now. The rest of you have been warned.

As customary of A Somewhat Serious Article, I strive to bring out a point that no one else would care rupees about. But what I found not only startled me, it led me to question the very idea of how Link could save Hyrule.

Thus welcome to another Somewhat Serious Article, In this edition, I will be discussing THE POWER GLOVE CONSPIRACY.

Dont blame me if you can't sleep after this.

Behold the Power Glove. Thing of power and strength. It bestows it's wearer with the strength of 500 Hylians. In A Link to the Past this glove is found in the second dungeon and allows Link to lift those huge green rocks that block his way.

Now I, like numerous Zelda fans before me, was completely engrossed in the game. Foolishly, I simply collected the glove and continued on, eager to show Ganon a bit of my pwnage skillz. It wasnt until 6 years later that I finally realized the horrible truth.

Link only found ONE glove.

That's right. On the screen, it says "Power GLOVE" singular. One glove, nothing more. Yet, walking out of that palace, Link picks walks right up to the closest green boulder and lifts it with BOTH hands.

Shocked yet? It gets much better. For those of you, who think Link is simply steadying the rock with his bare hand, try the following experiment:

Using an oven mitt, (Kids have your parents permission before you do this) walk to the closest bed you can find and lift it above your head just like Link does. Now steady the bed by just using your right hand and left thumb. Can you do it? Me neither.

Slight sidetrack now... I am looking to redesign the site. Contemplating colour scheme quite a bit and wanted suggestions. What do you think of Yes, no? Leave me a comment. Sorry! I'm a scatterbrain, I will get back to it now.

Clearly, Link should be totally incapable of lifting something that huge even with the Power Glove. Overlooking this gross error, I decided to obtain the Titan Mitt. As I inched my way to through the dungeon, I hoped that this mitt would solve all the problems caused by the Power Glove. Instead it only made things much worse.

He only gets ONE mitt.

But Darth you say to your computer screen, That solves the problem. He can wear the Power Glove on one hand and the Titan Mitt on the other. Quite, except for one problem.

They are both right handed gloves. It didn't matter that Link has two gloves. Link is still forced to use one hand to lift all those boulders. Unless he turned one of the gloves inside out, which I'm sure would weaken him instead. But well talk about that another time. The point is that Link, wearing only one glove Power or Titan, cannot lift those rocks. While he obviously does in the game, it is simply a gross error on the part of the programmers and game designers.

If Link in theory cannot lift those rocks, he can't continue with his quest. Link would have never been able to travel to the Dark World. The Seven Maidens would have never been freed. Hyrule should have fallen into Ganon's hands way before Ocarina of Time was made. All because Link found one glove instead of two, preventing him from ever entering Death Mountain.

I warned you this would scare you. If there is such a mistake with one item, what's not to say there's a mistake with other items? Is the Master Sword REALLY the sword of evils bane? Do Fire Arrows REALLY come from the sun? Does the Silver Scale REALLY let you stay underwater longer? And slowly the games begin to unwind themselves. The timeline is forever changed, and all hope of game continuity is lost.

Horrifying isn't it? Everything you thought you knew about Zelda, fallen to absolute pieces. And don't even get me started about this little picture from the Oracle Series:

So now you know the truth. Now you know the horrible secret of the Power Glove conspiracy. Everything you thought you knew about Zelda has been turned upside down. Something that no one else has ever seen has suddenly been forced into the light. And as the questions pour in; Nintendo can no longer deny this conspiracy. The kind of conspiracy you would expect, in A Somewhat Serious Article.

I am going to point out that I originally got the idea for this article chatting with Peter at country home candle. Many thanks for that. I guess you stumble upon ideas in unexpected ways.


Honourable Mentions - Thanks a ton for the late-night work Ella. - Thank you for your late-night efforts Lauryn 🙂 - A great website.

Posted in Outdoor Activities Post Date 09/18/2015






Feed your inner ADRENALINE ADDICTION! Life's too short, BOOK YOUR HUNT TODAY!
  • The hunt starts on a Sunday and runs until Friday, with Sunday being arrival and departure on Saturday. Success rates are 90 – 100%...
  • Outland Outfitting is owned and operated by Brenna Sigfusson and is guiding hands on with all the locations...
  • Now booking for 2018 and 2019 deer hunts. Prices are on a 7 day hunt, with an additional 3 days available for an additonal cost if wanting to prolong your hunt...
  • Now booking for 2018 and 2019. Get your trip booked asap while slots are available!

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